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ODD Birdsstorytellingconcept artdesigncharacter development3D modelingrigginganimationtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGIPLAY

Breakdown of Karcsieditingconcept arttypographycharacter developmentassets3D modelingriggingtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI2D animation3D animationPLAY

Pigful Eighteditingstorytellingtypographyconcept artcharacter development3D modelingrigginganimationtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGIPLAY

Sió Gazdákstorytellingconcept artdesigncharacter developmentanimationtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI2D animation3DPLAY

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Be BraveFX and simulationclean upPLAY

TomcsányiVFXCGIpost productioncleanuprotoscopingPLAY

MVM Zenergiaconcept art3D modelingtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGIPLAY

Do or Donutstorytellingcharacter designanimationart directionrenderPLAY

FHBAnimationArt DirectionDirectingPLAY

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Life.huAnimationArt directionCharacter designPLAY

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The OddFilm production & Animation

ODD is a multifaceted independent production studio based in Budapest. We are an innovative group of enthusiastic animators, designers, artisans, specialized in high-end character design, animation, film production, brand narrative and brilliant design solutions.
We have a technical know-how with fascinating storytelling culture. Our guys are fun but quite crabby, so we don’t mess with quality.

We create

Shooting commercials visual effects for feature films, short films, intro for video games, characters with personality, animation that lives, commercial that sells

What we do

#Shooting #Concept #Layouts #Rigging #Set Design #2D, 3D Animation #Character Design #CGI/VFX #Subtitles #Production Design #Lighting #Composit


Talent Gallery builds a bridge between young talents and the market. Our uniqueness lies n the work we put together gathering, curating and testing the most talented recent digital design graduates, who you can now reach in one place for all your custom content needs. We work together with the best art schools to make sure our community stays fresh. Read more…

Our clients

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EMMI filmek2D animationConcept artDesignCharacter development

In 2019 we made 5 different themed but stilistically same videos for the Ministry of Human Capacities. The idea was to use children’s drawing-like animation. The interesting part of the animation is that the scenes are connected to each other with a technique called abstract animation. These scenes morphe into each other and move the story forward.

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#2D animation #concept art #design #character development

Unicum - Presser PortréfilmFilm productionPost productionSound design

We shot a commercial for Zwack Unicum in the summer of 2019. Its main character is Gábor Presser, whose music and personality represent a stable prestige and quality in Hungary just like Unicum itself. The film was a grandiose production with a 2-day shooting in several locations with a huge cast and crew. The pre-production lasted for several months: the search of the archive concert footages, the casting for talents who can act and sing took weeks. The reception of the film was a huge success both by the critics and the audience.

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ODD Birdsstorytellingconcept artdesigncharacter development3D modelingrigginganimationtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI

Manu’s parents left him all alone in the middle of nowhere. But that’s just the beginning of his adventure.
He starts looking for his migration route, taking up with all sorts of different bird species along the way.
Will he find his real origins in the end? Will we find out what kind of bird he is?

Client: ODD • Product: Image film

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Breakdown of Karcsieditingconcept arttypographycharacter developmentassets3D modelingriggingtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI2D animation3D animation

Check out the making of our most popular character: Karcsi, the bacon tycoon.

Client: Szerencsejáték Zrt. / 235 Film • Product: Image film

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Pigful Eighteditingstorytellingtypographyconcept artcharacter development3D modelingrigginganimationtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI

Short version of the 8 little pigs. Branded series for the Hungarian National Lottery.
We were responsible for the making of this hilarious production from start to finish, including the script writing, through to the character design until the final renders.
Introducing, the Pigful Eight!

Client: Szerencsejáték Zrt. / 235 Film • Product: Image film

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Sió Gazdákstorytellingconcept artdesigncharacter developmentanimationtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI2D animation3D

A fruitful collaboration with Viktória Traub and the Bold Ideas. We shot and animated 3 different TVC versions for every kid’s favorite juice brand, Sio, based on a wonderful concept of the 3 whispering farmers. We love the mix of techniques in this video, that includes both frame by frame 2D animation and live action.

Check out our favourite spot!

Client: Sió Gyümölcs / Bold • Product: Image film

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ODD CGI reelCGIVFX3Dhi-endpostproductionadvertisementanimation

Check out a mind-bending, heart pumping mix of our latest VFX and CGI works from the last year.

Client: ODD • Product: Image film

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Be BraveFX and simulationclean up

Our role here was the weighty task of cleaning up some VFX issues, including polishing the sound and simulating the ice breaking.


A lot of foolish people die every year trying to conquer beautiful places and get their next adrenaline hit.
This PSA is all about creating awareness around risks and danger associated with outdoor adventures.
Be cautious! No adventure will be memorable if it’s your last one!

Be brave but don’t be stupid!

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TomcsányiVFXCGIpost productioncleanuprotoscoping

Tomcsányi SS/18 directed by Daphne Samaras. We were responsible for the VFX, incl. cleanups, composite and all the miracle you can see on this amazing short!

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MVM Zenergiaconcept art3D modelingtexturesrenderslightingshadingCGI

Working closely with 235 Films, ODD create a realistic CGI set for the first scene.

Production Company – 235 Productions

Client: MVM • Director: Daphne Samaras

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Do or Donutstorytellingcharacter designanimationart directionrender

The Do or Donut is the first ODD ID. We made the whole project from sketch inhouse. We are very proud of our little Astronaut, since he won several prizes for us.
(3D Total Excellence Award, hit 38K view at CGMeetUp, Online Video Award 2015)

Client: ODD • Product: ODD ID

3DTotal Excellence Award
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FHBAnimationArt DirectionDirecting

FHB bank hired us to create an image film with the concept “our children’s dream is our dream”. We see a child’s dream coming alive and following that dream we reach a dream-home. It was important to loop the video to be able to connect the end with the beginning. The footage also symbolizes the dream that became real.

To strengthen the concept we decided to shoot the first part of the film and animate the second part only.

Client: FHB • Product: Image film

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GEMotion graphicsAnimationCGIDesign

An image film for GE Lighting CMH Precise in collaboration with Mito. Our task was to liven the story by using simulation and modelling.

Client: Mito • Product: GE Lighting

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SzRt Image FilmAnimationCGIVFX

A Christmas image film for Szerencsejáték Zrt., the largest gaming service provider in Hungary which celebrates its 25th jubilee in 2015. The concept was to show the gamers’ favorite numbers and things that inspires them to use those exact numbers each week. A country-wide lottery is shown where we see all the people with their favorite numbers. The balls are running through the country and finally arrive at the spot of the lottery draw. The balls are to symbolize the different people behind every number. Post production included crowd simulation, retouching, inserting balls, or changing numbers on balls, etc.

SzRt Sponsor SpotAnimationCGIVFX

Along with the Christmas image film for Szerencsejáték Zrt., we created two sponsor spots. One highlighted art, the other sport – two fields Szerencsejátér Zrt. support. Post production included crowd simulation, retouching, inserting balls, or changing numbers on balls, etc.

Life.huAnimationArt directionCharacter design

We created a TVC for the Hungarian lifestyle website, The film was made with mixed technique: we used both animation and stills. Character design and animation was made by the same artist. The concept was to show a modern, working young woman in situations where all she wants to do is to switch off, hence the boards with different signs in her neck. At the end she finds peace when she visits the website.

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Click Shop II.AnimationCharacter DesignDirecting

We made an image film for Clickshop webshop in 2013. We added life to household goods like a washing machine or a toaster, eagerly waiting to be purchased and heading home.
While it was a very successful and beloved film, we have got the chance to make another piece, involving new characters like a TV or a razor.

Client: HD Group • Product: Clickshop

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GazdafórumMotion graphicsInfo graphicsDesign

In 2013 we created a main title for one of Echo TV’s show, Gazdafórum. The show is about the status of the Hungarian agriculture. It show its main issues and problems by interviewing local farmers all around the countryside. We went out to shoot the material for the background, created the design of the elements and the info graphics.

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Work for usFind out how we can work together

We are looking for freelance sales representatives: our Sales Rep shall be responsible for finding, contacting, and starting a relationship with potential clients for the company. Your an ideal candidate if:

  • you have some experience, in animation/film production
  • you have some connections in animation/film/advertising
  • willing to work as a freelancer for commission

We are looking for freelance artists for the following positions:

Compositor (freelancer)

We are looking for compositors for long term.
Requirements: commitment, reliability, precise work, many years of work experience, knowledge of Nuke/After Effects
Pluses: Knowledge of Maya

RIGGING TD (freelancer)

Rigging characters, objects, knowledge of Maya
Knowledge of riggs for hair and clothes simulation

3D animator (freelancer)

Knowledge of animation tools of Maya, experience in character animation, precise work
Knowledge of traditional 2D or stop motion animation.

3D Modeler (freelancer)

Knowledge of Zbrush or Mudbox, knowledge of Polygon modeling, knowledge of the modeling tools of Maya
Knowledge of anatomy and sculpture

Texture artist (freelancer)

Drawing skill, knowledge of Photoshop, knowledge of shading
Comprehensive knowledge of Mari or Body Paint

3D generalist (freelancer)

A minimum of 3 years experience in game development and/or film-making
To be able to carry a whole scene form the beginning to the very end: modeling, texturing, lighting, planing, animation, render

Experience in character rigging, knowledge of Houdini, knowledge of Arnold

Lighting TD

Lighting a given scene according to color script, knowledge of the tools of Maya, Arnold for lighting

Comprehensive knowledge of Nuke and/or After Effects, knowledge of photography

Send your CV and showreel to or

and we will contact you soon

ContactTalk to our producers to find out how we can work together.

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1124 Budapest, Apor Vilmos tér 16.

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